The “Gluten Free” meal Friday night

For those not in the know the “Gluten Free” Meal is not only “gluten free” but is organised by Graham Frankland aka GF


The” Gluten Free”  Dinner (is back hopefully by popular demand) at the Black Horse in Blyton on the Friday night

Its been good fun in recent years and provides a great social launch to our fantastic weekend of sprinting!

I would appreciate you all reserving your place for your meal on Panda’s fantastic new booking system as soon as possible to ensure I have enough places and so no one is disappointed.

Let’s got for it once again and kick off the serious sprinting in great SPEED SERIES style!

Look forward to hearing from you all shortly.

Best Wishes

Graham aka Gluten Free

  • July 13, 2018
    7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The Black Horse is a cosy 18th-century pub offering guestrooms is 1.7 miles from Blyton Park Driving Centre and 3.6 miles from Gainsborough Golf Club. The “gluten free” meal is so named because Graham Frankland (GF) organises it and there was come confusion as it was thought in some quarters he was gluten free. The “Gluten Free” (more…)


  •  Keith Adams
  •  Andy Banks
  •  Barny Francis
  •  Graham Frankland
  •  Stephen Herbert
  •  Stu Hill
  •  Chris King
  •  Trevor Little
  •  Gary Lucas
  •  Paul Morcom
  •  David Richings
  •  Craig Spooner
  •  Neil Stewart
  •  Ian Tolfree